"In the often frantic pace of our Hong Kong lives, it is so transformative to step back and assess our personal goals, priorities and values.  Working with Lindsey I accomplished several of my goals and created a framework for positive living going forward.   She is empathetic, thoughtful and has a great sense of humor!   She’ll keep you to task with concrete and specific tools to build confidence and move through challenges.  I finished each session with Lindsey with a deeper appreciation of my personal worth and abilities – eager to achieve more of the goals I set for myself.  Thank you Lindsey!" - Susan
"I always look forward to our coaching calls, I enjoy sharing my thoughts and feelings with Lindsey, she is a good listener & is willing to share her own experiences with me. I feel a strong connection to her and over the past months I feel that I have achieved personal goals set in the sessions." Janice
"I am impressed by what we have achieved over our coaching sessions. Initially I wasn’t sure that 6 sessions would achieve very much however Lindsey has kept me on track & accountable for the changes I committed to make in my life. I feel stronger & more in control." Sylvie
"I felt motivated to achieve the goals that I had set with Lindsey’s positive encouragement. By setting small tasks at the end of each session I felt that I had something tangible to work on leading up to our once weekly coaching calls." - Annie
"I was going through a period of change when I first began my coaching sessions with Lindsey, I felt disconnected & was floundering. I’d never tried meditation before but find that it really helps me to focus & apply myself to the task at hand. I now feel that I am not so overwhelmed by the world & am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel."Meagan


“I was surprised by how much I let myself get into it! I knew I needed to do something like this but I arrived a bit stressed and left calm and positive” - Elle
We laughed, we cried, we hugged, we whirled, we created, we shared, we grew, we connected. Seeing the world and even myself through a different lens today. Thank you, Lindsey McAlister, for an enjoyable and inspiring evening.” - Angela
“I really enjoyed spending time with a nice group of women, who all had different perspectives. The workshop made me realize that I’d like to interact with other women more” - Sarah
“The workshop reminded me that sometimes I judge myself too harshly” - Pauline
“Working collaboratively with ‘strangers’ built a sense of closeness within me and in a short time those ‘strangers’ changed to ‘friends’ " - Jan
“The hugging was my favourite part…human connection is beautiful and rarely experienced with strangers” - Adrianna
“I felt a lot of love and happiness, I really needed it… I appreciate being given time to fully explore and realize the exercises…we did A LOT in 3 hours!” - Nina
“I enjoyed creating the collage, I really began to see and understand what it is I want in life, thank you for reconnecting me with my artistic side” - Lakshmi
“You are very calming, positive and inspirational” - Teresa
 “Self reflection is powerful. I spend a lot of time helping others to look inside. I realize I need to focus more on myself…this was fab!” - Angela
“I was apprehensive & skeptical when I arrived…I’d also had a bad day. I left the workshop feeling peaceful, grounded and grateful” - Megan