Wise Woman

The 'Crone Goddess’ is a wise woman, a woman to be celebrated within the tribe, she has the wisdom of the years to impart. In Neolithic times, mature women in communities were heralded and honoured as tribal matriarchs. Their years of experience gave them great insight. They were revered and often involved in important decision-making for their community.

This time of a woman’s life is recognised as 'the Mastery phase', where she draws upon her many years of life experiences. She utilises her powers of intuition and ability to heal. At this time in a woman’s life her role is to give back to society; to cultivate her passions, to teach and to empower. This period can and should be the most productive time of a woman’s life!

I am a mature woman about to embark on the next chapter of my life and, as I embrace my ‘Crone Goddess’, I feel called towards working with women to impart the creative knowledge that I have accumulated over the years.


Lindsey McAlister OBE, JP

As the founder of the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation, Lindsey has been a pioneer in the arts for the past 30 years. She has focused on visual arts, dance, music, creative writing and theatre. She has primarily worked with young people from different backgrounds, cultures and abilities. Recently, she has been drawn to the area of wellbeing for women of all ages, and is fascinated by the positive and transformative effects that the arts and creativity have on our lives!

"Wise Woman workshops recreate an environment reminiscent of our childhood where we are encouraged to use our imaginations, daydream and think about our feelings and emotions. Creativity is essential to everyday life because it makes life intriguing and fulfilling. It increases happiness & wellbeing." - Lindsey McAlister